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The Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC)-is the professional body responsible for the training, regulation and development of the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), especially Mediation and Conciliation in Nigeria.

The Institute promotes peace building -strategies in private and public sectors of the economy.It also undertakes interventions at encouraging stakeholders in the formal justice system to understand and embrace the court-connected mediation systemwell as other processess in the (ADR) spectrum. In this regard, the Institute facilitates the establishment of Multi-door Courthouses and Community. mediation Centres, as well as facilitating in-house strategies for preventing and addressing workplace conflict in organisations and promoting peace and harmonious co-existence in Communities.

The Institute's Accreditation and Certification Course is designed to help participants acquire skills in Mediation and Conciliation.It is a rich blend of skills acquisition, practice exercises and role-plays with multi-disciplinary approaches, creating and inspiring learning experience.Participants will learn how to build trust, promote Peace and foster consensus. For those who want to practice on their own, this course will provide requisite resources to enable them become effective mediators and to set up their own practice

The Institute also provide in-house Mediation Skills Training as well as specialized training programmes on Managing Workplace, Conflict, Communal Conflict, Strategic Negotiations and Basic Human Psychology. Interested individuals and organizations should kindly contact Registry for further details.

The Institute has an extensive library and archives relevant documents ranging from keynote addresses delivered by Chief Judges as well as International best practices in various dispute resolutions. Visit the Downloads section or request for documents via the enquiry/front desk.

" An ounce of MEDIATION is worth a pound of Arbitration and a ton of litigation"

The 2016 Calendar of the Training for Mediation Skills Accreditation and Certification -is now available.Visit the DOWNLOADS section and ensure to have copy handy,enable participants keep abreast of training schedule.

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servicesWe encourage you/your organization to take advantage of the Institute’s Accreditation and Certification course as well as specialized training programmes to build life skills for building and sustaining relationships...

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