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Dr. Agada John Elachi encourages Nigerian organizations and institutions to Embrace Mediation and Conciliation as primary mechanisms for addressing disputes…

On the 25th day of July 2022, the President of the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliator, Agada John Elachi, Ph.D., FICMC, FCIArb (UK) while delivering a speech at the launch of ICMC Kaduna Branch Volunteer Mediator Scheme (VMS) and Mediation Week, encouraged institutions and organizations to adopt mediation and conciliation as the primary mechanisms for addressing disputes in Nigeria.

The President of ICMC congratulated the Executive Committee of the branch led by Mrs. Bukola Ajao, FICMC and the entire members of the branch on the launch of the Volunteer Mediator Scheme (VMS), and also on the initiative of establishing the Kaduna Settlement Week.

He also appreciated the support of major stakeholders like the Kaduna State Judiciary, Ministry of Justice, Kaduna State, Nigerian Bar Association, National Human Rights Commission, FIDA, Public Complaints Commission, Civil Defence, and the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators, for their relentless efforts to birth this initiative.

The President mentioned that the Institute is currently working towards the launch of the ICMC ODR Platform/Center and mentioned that the training of the first set of ICMC ODR neutrals had just been concluded.

The President emphasized that the Volunteer Mediator Scheme (VMS) has been designed by the Institute to avail members’ practice opportunities, provide a platform for the speedy and at a no-cost resolution of small claims disputes for the business community, as well as matters bordering on domestic disputes and interpersonal conflicts.

The VMS will also be a channel for the delivery of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by the Institute to a Nigerian society, which is at this time greatly polarized by conflict. He noted that the scheme has been operationalized in Abuja, Minna, Port Harcourt, Akure, Jos, and recently Benin.

Lastly, the President encouraged the Kaduna Branch to set the pace by following up on the launch of the Volunteer Mediation Scheme and the establishment of the Kaduna Settlement Week, and also encourage greater participation of members of the Kaduna branch in representing the Institute positively in their practice of mediation.

For more information about the Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), please click our website, www.icmcng.org

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