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Let's Mediate


“LET’S MEDIATE” is a digital/virtual program where a group of mediators engage in topic-based or case-based discussion relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

This discussion will be led by a Facilitator/Host engaging the audience, with the aim of generating new ideas for solving conflicts, providing solutions to an issue of concern, and also equipping members with various interpersonal skills. The event will be hosted once a month (every 3rd Monday) for forty-five (45) minutes.

1. Engagement with the members of the Institute
2. Provision of expert opinion on a topic.
3. Encourage members in active ADR participation
4. Exposure to diverse views in ADR
5. High degree of members involvement

Participation is FREE!

In conclusion, the primary objective of this program is to build a consistent relationship with the members of the Institute and I think you’ll agree that the value this program will add to the Institute is priceless.

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