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Mediating Workplace Conflict

Mediating Workplace Conflict

Every organization all over the world is known to have people with different opinions, beliefs, character and personalities. Therefore, it would not come as a surprise to have diverse conflicts erupt in the workplace due to differences in opinions, beliefs and personalities.

Where conflicts in the work environment are not effectively managed, it can lead to loss of time, resources and affect the organization negatively, especially if these conflicts become frequent.

Managing conflicts in the work environment is necessary to having a healthy work environment which encourages employees to be effective and diligent.

This course will expose you to the causes of workplace conflicts, the types of workplace disputes and the requisite skills a manager needs to resolve disputes in the work place as well as how to prevent a conflict from escalating.

This course is important for employers, employees, managers and professionals who occupy leadership positions.

Course fee: N60,000 – Members (Sixty Thousand Naira only) N75,000 – Non-members (Seventy-five -thousand Naira Only)

Time: 9am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm, daily
Date:September 9th – 10th, 2021

For registration and further enquiries, please contact:
Mercy – (07038896753 icmctrainings@gmail.com)
Irene – (08066292907 info@icmcng.org)

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