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Paul Omojo Omaji is a two-time Vice Chancellor of Universities in Nigeria, and a highly versatile Professor of Criminology and Security Studies. He has about 40 years of outstanding track records of accomplishment in university teaching, research, administration, public policy and management, as well as leadership training and development. He recently led Admiralty University of Nigeria, Ibusa, Delta State, to 100% success in the National Universities Commission Accreditation of all the Programmes of the University. His research interest cuts across the broad areas of sociology, law, criminology and leadership studies.

In addition to his remarkable experiences as two-time Vice Chancellor, Professor Omaji has worked as a Manager (Senior Executive Services level) in the Australian Commonwealth Public Service. In that role, he achieved significant results, including top class policy advice at federal ministerial level and effective programme implementation in the US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, and France.

Professor Omaji is a distinguished and resourceful intellectual and administrator. He has served as a Resource Person and Rapporteur-General, among other roles, for the Association of African Universities. There, he demonstrated his unwavering dedication to serving the higher education sector and the wider community, through outstanding management and leadership commitments. Over the years, he has facilitated intellectual and leadership development more broadly across Nigeria, Australia, Singapore, India, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, Rwanda, Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, Ghana and Egypt.


In private practice, Professor Omaji had executed consultancies in leadership and management development under Omaji Leadership Solutions and the Virtuous Leaders Development Network, both of which he led as the Chief Executive Officer. His capacity-building activities in this area have produced books, including his Audacity of Leading Right: An Odyssey Towards Virtuous Leadership; and Lead For Life: 7 Essentials of Upright & High-Impact Leadership.

Professor Omaji is a committed family person, with his wife of 41 years, and is blessed with children and grandchildren.

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