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Notice of Opening: Appointment into the ICMC Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Panel of Neutrals.

Notice is hereby given to esteemed members of the Institute who wish to be appointed into the Body of the prestigious ICMC ODR PANEL OF NEUTRALS.

Those Eligible:
•   Must be “FULL MEMBER” Status cadre.
•   Must be up to date with the annual dues inclusive of 2022.
•   Must have sat in and managed at least one mediation case within the last 2 years and show proof.
•   Must have attended an AGM within the past 3 years (Virtual attendance will count).

How to Apply:
Send a maximum one-page professional profile. Your profile should show Your branch and what AGM You attended within the last 3 years.

Email to send profile: icmccpd@gmail.com

Deadline for submission of Profile: Tuesday, May 31st, 2022.

It is a prerequisite that all the selected neutrals will take the Special ICMC ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ODR) Certification training course before the appointment and official inauguration.


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