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The ICMC Secretariat is here to assist you with anything or issues connected to the Institute. The Secretariat is headed by the General Manager, and all staff of the Secretariat are fully committed to assisting our members.

We encourage you to contact the Secretariat with any suggestions, ideas for collaboration with the Institute, or constructive criticism. The Secretariat is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Below are the channels for contacting the Secretariat:

•          General Concerns – info@icmcng.org

•          Training – icmctrainings@gmail.com, icmccpd@gmail.com

•          Membership-related enquiries – memberservices@icmcng.org

•          Mediation Bulletin – mediationbulletin@gmail.com

•          Dispute Resolution – info@icmcng.org

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