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In Negotiations and Mediation sessions, a difference in cultural views can impede the process, especially where the issues in question are contentious.

Most people are influenced by cultural practices and these cultural practices cannot be denied or erased easily, even though we have seen cultural practices evolve over the years.

Where these cultural elements arise in a dispute, a mediator’s ability to understand and respect these diverging views is important to resolving the dispute.

For a mediator to provide solutions to disputing parties which will be mutually acceptable, the mediator must develop the necessary skills and level of awareness to the cultural biases of the parties and provide culturally acceptable solutions.

Course fee:
N35,000 – Members (Thirty Five Thousand Naira only)
N50,000 – Non-members (Fifty Thousand Naira Only)

The Course is scheduled to hold as follows:
Date: March 6th, 2024
Location: Zoom.

For registration/enquiries, contact:
+234 810 320 9095 icmctrainings@gmail.com
+234 806 629 2907 Info@icmcng.org
+234 903 741 6920 support@icmcng.org

Thank you.

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